AA and cognitive behavioral therapy have similar

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cheap jerseys And in AA or 12 step programs, clients can get free help that protects their anonymity.But the two approaches have much in common, Dolan said. In both, the work that is done to achieve control over drinking is fundamentally cognitive behavioral in nature.For example, AA strives to identify the thoughts, emotions, attitudes and behaviors that cause problems, then replace them with new, more adaptive ones to cheap nfl jerseys overcome problematic alcohol and other drug use and to engage in altruistic behavior.Similarly, cognitive behavioral therapy seeks to identify and replace dysfunctional beliefs and help clients learn to cope through means other than drinking, Dolan said.AA and cognitive behavioral therapy have similar definitions of alcohol and substance use disorder and are alike in that they urge individuals to take stock of emotions and behaviors. This occurs during CBT by documentation of a daily thought record of negative emotions; and in AA, through daily admittance of selfish, dishonest, self seeking or fearful thoughts or behaviors.Some interventions and skills also are similar.CBT promotes social support, interpersonal skills training and learning to regulate emotion and tolerate distress cheap jerseys.

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