Waves - NX

Waves Nx recreates the three-dimensional experience of listening to professional speakers—on headphones. Nx immerses the producer or engineer in a virtual mixing room, delivering the accurate sound localization and externalization necessary for mixing, mastering, and recording.

Action-Item was responsible for developing the Mobile Applications (Android & iOS) that integrates to Waves NX sensor using BLE for quick pairing and real time updates. 
The mobile apps integrated Waves NX C Library to reduce a 0% latency audio 3D feedback to the audio stream playing through the device.


  • Mobile clients – iOS & Android
  • BLE pairing & connectivity
  • Zero latency audio FX and playback
  • 3D Audio playback on headphones
  • Spotify, SoundCloud personal library integration
  • Apple Music personal library integration
  • Background Audio playback & BLE communication